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Date: Aug 23, 2009
General Motors build codes
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General Motors build codes

AG7 6-Way Power Seat
AK1 Custom Deluxe Seat Belts
AL5 Deluxe Rear Center Seat Belt, '67
AN7 Strato-Bucket Seats, swing out
Al3 Power Door Locks
Al6 Power Tailgate Release
AO1 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows
AO2 Tinted Glass, windshield only
AQ2 Electric Seat Back Lock Release, '71
AQ5 Electric Seat Back Lock Release, '70
AS1 Shoulder Harness, '67+
AS4 Deluxe Rear Seat Shoulder Harness, '68+
AS5 Standar Rear Seat Shoulder Harness, '68+
AT8 Reclining Passenger Seat
AU1 Electric Door Locks, '70+
AU3 Power Door Locks
AV3 3 Point Seat Belts (from 1972 build sheet)
A20 Custom Seat Belts, '64
A20 Swing Out Rear Windows, Laguna
A31 Power Windows
A33 Power Tailgate Window
A39 Custom Deluxe Front and Rear Seat Belts, '66+
A37 Seat Belt Equipment, '64 only
A41 Power Front Seat, 4-way
A42 Power Seat, 6-way
A41 Power Bucket Seat, 4-way
A46 Power Drivers Bucket Seat, '66+
A47 Custom Deluxe Seat Belts
A49 Custom Deluxe Seat Belts, w/retractors
A51 Front Bucket Seats, Astro
A52 Front Bench Seat
A62 Seat Belt Delete
A64 Custom Deluxe Rear Seat Belts, '65
A65 Split Front Seat with Arm Rest
A66 Split Second Seat
A68 Standard Rear Center Seat Belt, '67
A81 Head Rest, Bucket Seats
A82 Head Rest, Bench Seat
A85 Deluxe Shoulder Harness, '66 1/2+
A90 Electric Trunk Opener
A93 Vacuum Door Locks, '69

BO1 Police Body Equipment, '64-'65
BO2 Taxi, '64-'65
BW2 Deluxe Body Side Molding
BX4 Body Side Molding
BX8 Full Body Moldings
BW1 Delete Tailgate Ornamentation
B2H Interim Equipment Change
B2M No Power Steering
B22 Door Trim Pad Emblem "SS"
B37 Colored Floor Mats
B44 Removable Load Floor Carpet
B55 Deluxe Front Seat Cushion, '67+
B70 Padded Dash '64-'65
B75 Lining Lug Compartment, '69
B80 Roof Drip Molding
B81 Delete Tailgate Molding, this would delete the horizontal trim strips on the tailgate of a '70-'72 El Camino or GMC Sprint
B84 Body Side Molding
B85 Beltline Reveal Molding
B90 Door Window Frame Moldings
B93 Door Edge Guards
B94 "GMC" Tailgate Emblem, '71-'72 GMC Sprint only
B95 Rear End Panel Molding, '69
B96 Wheel Well Moldings

CA1 Power Roof
CB1 Vinyl Roof, Touring
CB7 Vinyl Roof Cover
CD2 Windshield Washer Level Control, '70+
CD3 Electro-tip Wipers, '70+
CE1 Headlight Washers
CO5 Convertible Top, Manual
CO6 Convertible Top, Power
CO8 Vinyl Roof, full
CO9 Padded Vinyl Roof
C14 Two Speed Wipers, '64
C24 Special Windshield Wipers
C48 Heater Delete
C49 Electro Clear Defogger
C50 Rear Window Defogger
C51 Rear Window Air Deflector
C56 I/P Side Vent /70 Upper Level Vent / Astro Ventilation
C60 Air Conditioning, 4 seasons
C65 Air Conditioning, deluxe version

D24 Litter Container
D33 Remote Control Mirror
D34 Vanity Visor Mirror
D35 Sports Mirrors
D55 Console
D64 Illuminated Visor Mirror
D68 Twin Remote Sport Mirrors
D80 Spoilers
D88 Sport Stripe, '70+
D91 Conquista Package
D96 Wide Paint Stripes, '67+ refers to body side accent stripe
D99 Two Tone Paint Moldings

FE8 Radial Tuned Suspension
F40 Sport Suspension
F41 Sport Front and Rear Suspension, '69+

GS1 2.73 Ratio Axle (from 1972 build sheet)
GY2 3.31 Ratio Axle, '71-'72 Chevelle / El Camino / GMC Sprint
G11 2.56 Rear Axle
G66 Air Shocks, rear
G67 Controller for Air Shocks
G75 3.70 Rear Axle
G76 3.36 Rear Axle
G80 Positraction Rear
G82 4.56 Rear Axle
G84 4.10 Rear Axle
G92 Performance Rear 3.08
G94 3.31 Rear Axle
G95 Economy Rear 2.73
G96 3.55 Rear
G97 2.73 Rear Axle
GW5 273 Rear Axle

HO1 3.07 Rear Axle
HO5 3.73 Rear Axle

J50 Power brakes
J52 Front Disc Brakes, '67+
J65 Metallic Brake Linings
JL2 Front Disc Brakes, '70+
JL8 4-Wheel Disc Brakes, '69 only
KD5 Heavy Duty PCV System
KO2 Clutch Fan
KO5 Engine Block Heater
K19 Air, Smog Pump, '66+
K24 Closed Engine Ventilation, PCV
K30 Cruise Control
K66 Transistor Ignition
K72 Emission Control Delete
K75 Emission Control Delete
K76 61 Amp Alternator
K77 55 Amp Alternator
K79 42 Amp Alternator
K81 62 Amp Alternator
K85 63 Amp Alternator

L14 Refers to: 307 CID STD V8 (from '72 Chevelle)
L22 6-Cylinder 250
L26 230-140 Hp
L30 327-275 Hp
L34 396-350 Hp
L35 396-325 Hp
L48 350-300 Hp, '69+
L61 230 cid
L65 350-250 Hp, '69+
L72 427-425 Hp Yenko, '69
L73 327-250 Hp, '68
L74 327 300 Hp
L77 4 Barrel Carb, 283-220 Hp
L78 396-375 Hp
L79 327-350 Hp
L89 396-375 Hp Aluminum Heads
LB4 262 (4.3 liter) TBI v6, 145 fwhp
LF6 400-255 Hp, 2 bbl, '70 (Monte Carlo)
LM1 350-255 Hp, '69
L03 305 (5.0 liter) TBI v8, 170 fwhp
L05 350 (5.7) TBI v8, 190-210 fwhp 1988-1996
LS3 400-330 Hp, '70+
LS4 454-235 Hp
LS3 402-300 Hp in '71, 240 Hp in '72
LS5 454-365 Hp in '71, 270 Hp in '72 - LS5 (also 360 HP in '70).
LS6 454-450 Hp, '70
LT-1 350- up to 350 (gross) fwhp early 1970s
LT1 350-260 fwhp B/D cars '94-'96; 275-285 fwhp Fcars '93-'97; 300 fwhp Ycar 1992-1996
LT-4 400-180 Hp early/mid 1970s 400 sbc
LT4 350-340 fwhp optional on '96 Ycar, and limited '97 Fcar. Larger intake runner head, manifold
L65 350-145 2 Barrel
L-82 350 190 fwhp, last of carburated Ycar engines
L-83 350 200-205 fwhp, '82 & '84 Ycar, Crossfire injection (dual TBI fed enclosed tuned port runner)
L90 6-Cylinder
L98 350 (5.7 liter) v8, 230-250 fwhp 1985-1992, TPI (tuned port injection) intake manifold

MO1 Heavy Duty Clutch
MC1 Heavy Duty 3-speed Transmission
M10 Overdrive
M11 Floor Shift Transmission, '71+
M13 Heavy Duty Transmission
M20 4-Speed Standard Transmission
M21 4-Speed Close Ratio
M22 4-Speed Heavy Duty
M35 Powerglide Automatic 2-Speed
M38 Turbo 350 Automatic
M40 Turbo 400 Automatic
M55 Transmission Cooler

NA9 Evaporative Emission Controls
NB2 Refers to: EXH EMISSION (from '72)
NC8 Chambered Exhaust System
NK1 Cushioned Steering Wheel
NK2 Custom Steering Wheel, '71+
NK4 Sport Steering Wheel, '71+
N10 Dual Exhaust
N30 Deluxe Steering Wheel, '67+
N31 Custom Steering Wheel
N33 Tilt Steering
N34 Wood-Grained Steering Wheel
N40 Power Steering
N41 Power Steering
N65 Space-Saving Spare
N95 Wire Wheel Covers
N96 Simulated Mag Hubcaps
N97 15" diameter heavy duty police package wheels

P19 Spare Tire Lock
P58 7.14.4 Whitewalls
P61 7.75-14 W/W
P62 7.75-14.4 W/W
P67 6.95-14 W/W
P77 8.25-14 W/W
P90 G70-15 White Stripe
P91 G70-15 Red Stripe
PA2 Simulated Wire Wheels, 2nd style, '68+
PA3 Deluxe Wheel Covers
PE1 Turbine 1 Wheels
PE2 Turbine 2 Wheels
PK2 G78-14 W/W
PK4 G70-14 Red Stripe
PL3 E78-14 White Stripe
PL4 F70-14 F70-14 White Stripe
PL5 F70-14 White Letters
PM6 G78-14 White Stripe
PM7 F60-15 White Letters, SS models and Sprint SP models
PN5 7.75-14 smile.gifly Tires
PO1 Wheel Trim Cover
PO2 Simulated Wire Wheels, 14"
PO3 stainless wheel covers
PO6 Wheel Trim Rings
PQ7 8.25-14 W/W Tires
PR3 8.25-14 smile.gifly W/W
PU8 G78-15 White Stripe
PW7 F70-14 White Stripe
PW8 F70-14 Red Stripe Tires
PX5 F78X14 Black Wall Belted (70)
PX6 F78-14 W/W
PX8 G70-14 W/W
PX9 G70-14 Dual White Stripes
PY4 F70-14 W/W
PY5 F70-14 Red Stripe
PY7 G70-14 Red Stripe
QDR GR78-15 Radial Whitewalls
QEH E78-14 Bias White Stripe
QEL HR78-15 Radial White Stripe
QGF G70-14 Bias White Stripe
QGL G78-14 Bias White Stripe
QHE H78-14 Bias
QHF H78-14 Bias White Stripe
QQZ HR70-15 Radial Whitewall
QRM GR70-15 Radial Whitewall
QRN GR70-15 Radials
QRV HR70-15 Radials
QRZ GR70-15 Radial White Letter
TO7 7.75-14 W/W Tires
T15 7.75-15 smile.gifly Tires
T58 Rear Wheel Skirts, Monte Carlo
T60 Heavy Duty Battery

UA1 Heavy Duty Battery
UM1 AM Radio with Tape, '70+
UM2 AM/FM with Tape
UO3 Low Note Horn, D
UO5 Dual Horns
UF1 Mirror Lamp, available in '70-'72
UF7 Econominder Gauge Package
U11 Certified Speedometer instrument cluster, police and special service package
U14 Instrumentation Package
U15 Speed Warning Indicator, '67+
U16 Tachometer
U17 Cluster Instruments, (oil coolant, ammeter, clock, fuel, tachometer)
U18 Export Speedometer
U25 Trunk Light
U26 Underhood Light
U27 Glove box Light
U28 Ash Tray Light
U29 Instrument Panel Courtesy Lighting
U35 Clock
U46 Lamp Monitoring Equipment
U57 8 Track Tape Player
U60 Manual Radio
U63 Basic Old AM Radio
U69 AM/FM Radio with Buttons
U73 Manual Rear Antenna
U75 Power Rear Antenna
U76 Antenna in Windshield
U79 Stereo Equipment
U80 Rear Speaker

VE5 Deluxe Bumper Strips
VO1 Heavy Duty Radiator
VO2 Heavy Duty Radiator, '64
V30 Bumper Guards, full set (front only bumper guards on El Camino / GMC Sprint)
V31 Front Bumper Guards, '64-'70
V32 Rear Bumper Guards, '64-'70
V55 Roof Rack
V74 Hazard Warning Equipment, '66
V75 Traction Dispenser Set-Up
WX3 merchandised trim package, '94-'96 Impala SS
W84 Additional Fuel for Delivery

X11 Style Trim for Base Car or SS
X22 Style Trim for SS with 396
X33 Style Trim for Z/28 or RS with Z/28 Option
X44 Base Car
X55 Base SS with 350
X66 Base SS with 396
X77 '69 Z-28 Camaro, (Norwood, Ohio cars only)

YD1 Trailoring Axle
YE7 Special Performance "SP" Package, '71-'72 GMC Sprint
YF3 The Heavy Chevy Package
YF5 Emission Tested
YJ9 Exterior Dress-Up Package

Z10 Special Hardtop Pace Car
Z11 Indy Pace Car Accents , '69 only
Z21 Style Trim Group
Z22 Rally Sport
Z23 Special Interior Package
Z27 SS Equipment
Z28 Special Performance Package
Z87 Custom Interior Group
ZO1 Comfort and Convenience Group, '64-'65
ZO2 Pushbutton Radio and Extra Speaker, '64
ZO4 Heavy Duty Chassis, '64-'65.
ZO8 Body Molding/Trim
ZJ7 Rally Wheels
ZJ9 Auxiliary Lighting Group
ZJ6 Special Sport Sedan, '68+
ZJ7 Steering Wheel Deluxe Trim
ZJ9 Auxiliary Lighting Group
ZK3 Deluxe Seat Belts, and Front Shoulder Harness, '68+
ZK5 Concours Sedan, '68
ZK6, 7 Concours Sport Coupe, '68
ZK8 Refers to Tire Pressure Label, '70
ZKQ Tire Pressure Sticker
ZL2 Special Hood, Cowl Induction, '70+
ZL3 SS 396 Convertible
ZO9 Performance Rear Axle, '70+
Z10 Pace Car Coupe
Z11 Indy Pace Car Convertible
ZP2 Trim and Color Override (for cars that had an exterior/interior color or trim combination that was not normally available)
ZR3 Off Road Package 454 (LS7 & LT2), '69
Z02 Spec Paint (from 72 tag)
ZP5 Appearance Guard Group
ZW4 Standard 3-Speed Transmission, '70
Z13 Comfort and Convenience Group, second style, '64-'65.
Z14 A/C BODY CONV (info from 72 Chevelle)
Z15 SS Equipment, (454 in '70)
Z16 Special Sport Coupe, '65 Chevelle / Monte Carlo SS
Z19 Convenience Group, '66
Z20 Monte Carlo SS 454
Z25 Super Sport Option, '69+
Z29 Vinyl Stripe
Z49 Canadian Base Equipment
Z57 Vinyl Coated Trim
Z83 Road Hazard Package, '66
Z95 Regular Fuel Engine Equipment

SEO (Special Equipment Option) codes -- number/letter/number

1A2 special service vehicle (wagon police package, reduced content)
1T1 (green) silicone rubber (engine) hoses
6J6 aux brake/turn lamps, rear package shelf
7X6 spotlamp, police, driver's side A pillar
7X7 spotlamp, police, driver and passenger side A pillars
9C1 police package (70s Chevelle, 1977-2007 Caprice/Impala)
9C3 special service vehicle (fwd police package, reduced content)
9C6 taxi

W Tinted Windshield
X Power Windows
L Fold-Down Seat
D Power Top
E All Glass Tinted
M Powerglide
G Center Console
L 4-Speed Manual
B 3-Speed Manual on Floor
S Rear Antenna
U 8-Track Multiplex
R Rear Speaker
S Z-23 Interior
L Z-22 (RS)
K Z-21 Style Trim
B Rear Window Defroster
D Clock and/or Gauges
Platform codes
B car: Caprice/Impala/CustomCruiser/Roadmaster/Parisienne
F car: Camaro, Firebird
G car: Monte Carlo/Malibu / El Camino / Caballero / Regal / T-Type / Grand National / GNX / Grand Prix / Grand Am / LeMans / Bonneville / Cutlass / 442 / Hurst/Olds
Y car: Corvette
Engine codes

P SS350
N SS396/325 Hp
K SS396/375 Hp

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