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Date: Aug 24, 2009
3400 Performance Guide
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Please Read First:

**ALL SUSPENSION PARTS (including motor mounts, STBs, sway bars, trailing arms, struts, strut mount plates, lowering springs, bushings & pogo eliminators) are the same on the 3.4L AND 3.8L Monte Carlos. SOME other W-body suspension parts will fit as well. Please research before doing these though.

**ALL WHEELS AND BRAKES /BRAKE KITS are the same for the 3.4L and 3.8L Monte Carlos. We use a 12" rotor stock with a 115x5 bolt pattern for the wheel.
AGAIN, SOME W-bodies share the same bolt pattern for wheels. Please research this accordingly.

**Any listing below with the link to you will have to navigate yourself. Go to the RED LIST on the left side of the screen and select ENGINE PERFORMANCE. When the drop down menu appears, SELECT 3400. you may then navigate through the list according to which part you are trying to locate.

**The 99-01 3.4L Grand Am has the same engine. So SOME parts from that car will fit with little to no modifications. Please check first to make sure.

**A direct fit is the Impala 3400, the engine is EXACTLY the same, just the PCM is programmed different.

**The 06+ Monte Carlo with the 3500 engine has a few mods that will fit as well.
If you see parts that are listed below with 3500 next to it then it will fit, according to the seller's websites.

**PLEASE mod your car correctly. If you upgrade parts for more power, we STRONGLY recommend upgrading your braking system, to accommodate more power.

**If you do anything like turbo/supercharger or some heavy duty mods, you will have to upgrade to an HD Tranny because the stock tranny WILL NOT last long.

**Also, if you plan to upgrade, MAKE SURE to upgrade the supporting mods accordingly. Ask around if your not sure.

**INSTALL ALL PARTS  AT YOUR OWN RISK. NYMCC is not responsible for your misconceptions.


MMS = Milzy Motor Sports  (Contact Mike)
ZZP = ZZPerformance   (Contact Zooomer)


A handy pickup book might be the Haynes Manual # 24048 . You can pick it up at Autozone or Amazon.

Doctor Speed (



ZZP has written a great article of "worthless" mods/waste of money mods



Cold Air Intake Kits:


-ZZP WizAired Intake:
Make sure to specify that it is for the 3.4L
WizAir Install Instructions:

Reminder: When installing a FWI, you will need to secure the PCM to the car's frame so it wont move around. You can either use ZipTies for this or grab yourself a PCM Tray. GM Part #: 15995679
You will NOT need this part if you purchase the ZZP WizAir system.

Ported Billet Throttle Bodies (TBs):



Ported Intake Manifolds:

-Upper Intake:

-3400 Lower Intake:

-3500 Lower Intake:


Ported Heads:

-Stage 1 3400 heads:

-Stage 2 3400 heads:

-3500 heads:

PCM (Power Control Module) or "Chip":
READ: PLEASE contact each seller via email with questions regarding specific settings done to the PCM.



-Intense Racing PCM:

-Overkill Motorsports custom PCM:

CAMs (Camshaft):
READ: when upgrading the camshaft, please contact the seller for specific applications or information. You will need to have a specifically tuned PCM for a new Camshaft.


-Wot-tech CAMs:



ALL W-BODY EXHAUST KITS SHOULD fit. As stated before, please research further for more information on this. We are not responsible for any mistakes made by misconceptions.
This is mostly all personal preference. If your planning on modding further than just an intake, NYMCC suggests to upgrade to 2.5” piping, up from the stock, 2.25” piping. 3" piping is possible, but we do not recommend it unless you are going FI (forced induction). You will lose too much backpressure.

We recommend listening to our exhaust sound database or searching through the posted threads in this section to see what you like.
Exhaust Sound Database:

WHATEVER you choose, make sure you get the "u-bend" delete done. It is a "U" shaped bend in the pipe directly after the catalytic converter. This not only will give you a few HP, but increase air flow.
PLEASE SEARCH through these threads in this section to find more information on this subject.
Click this link below to see a picture of the "Ubend" we are talking about.
An exhaust shop should be able to do this for you for under $50.

You may also decide to remove the stock resonator. This part is specifically designed to reduce the interior "drone" that you will hear inside the car while driving. If you are not worried about the noise level INSIDE the car, then you may opt to remove this. it will free up the exhaust a tad bit and make the exhaust note louder.

Downpipe Section (DP) / High-Flow CAT Upgrade:
READ: Buying this downpipe section incorporates the infamous Ubend delete already and adds a higher flowing Magnaflow Catalytic Converter.

-Magnaflow High-flow CAT:
PN - 94006 2.5" in/out

Cat-Back Exhaust Systems:

-GMPP Kit:
-Corsa Kit:
-SLP Monte Carlo Kit:

Headers / PEMs (Ported Exhaust Manifolds):

-S&S Headers:
READ: These are made for the Grand Am. You will need to modify your passenger side motor mount for proper fitment. You will also need to move your power steering lines for proper fitment. Most people who have used these ZipTie their PS lines to create the clearance. Please use these AT YOUR OWN RISK



You can do the TOP SWAP from a 3500 engine and get them from either or milzymotorsports. As stated before, please do research before attempting this. has some great information if you are interested in doing this.

Also, MilzyMotorSports offers 2 stages of "Performance Packages" for someone with enough money looking for a discount on multiple parts.

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