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Post Info TOPIC: Epic Thread: Love, Lies & Larceny


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Date: Sep 1, 2009
Epic Thread: Love, Lies & Larceny
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I posted this on the old NY board right before it crashed ... and, while I believe many of you have already seen, for those of you that haven't ... it's a worthwhile read, imho, anyway.......  The thread started on my birthday in 2007 ... and culminated Father's Day 2009:

The quest of a daughter (Angela) to give her Dad (Jerry) back HIS Monte Carlo.

A board member put this together to outline the entire story....

Chapter 1
- The story begins 09/19/07

Chapter 2
- Lies, Finance, & Larceny 09/29/07

Chapter 3
- Got a good home for Monte
- The plot thickens 12/07/07

Chapter 4
- Motor & brakes arrive (pics) 02/09/08
- The Grape Trellis (pics) 06/01/08
- body stripes shaved, engine bay empty (pics)

Chapter 5
- Custom License Plates (pics) 06/15/08
- Headers, carb, + more (pics)
- frame painted, air dam (pics)
- Engine painted (pics)

Chapter 6
- Rad core fix, engine ready (pics)
- bodywork started
- Upholstery ready (pics)
- Dash (pics)
- headliner (pics)

Chapter 7
- Wheels fit the LS 1's 09/09/08
- Dash install (pics)
- New hood (pics)
- Engine has Liftoff !!

Chapter 8
- First Drive, ticket, and Catalytic converter seats (pics) 10/18/08
- Bodywork, blocking (pics)
- Interior parts color-swap (pics)

Chapter 9
- New exhaust & tranny tweaks (pic)
- Brother Wayne is an accomplice
- Sad day: Dads Mom passes

Chapter 10
- Dad & truck (pics)
- Wheel paint (pics)
- Wheels w/12 LS1 brakes (pics)

Chapter 11
- More wheel paint (pics)
- Sand Blast Cabinet & step-bucket steps (pics)
- Tailight extensions surgery (pics)
- Seat frame mods (pics)

Chapter 12
- Black paint, stripes mock-ups (pics)
- Underhood and jambs painted (pics)
- Interior & trunk floor rhino-lined (pics)
- Basecoat (pics)
- Buddy the psycho dog & Steve the doggie toy

Chapter 13
- Paint is DONE, Stripes clearcoated (pics)
- Paint is polished, outside pics (pics)

Chapter 14
- Body parts on, wheels on, first cruise w/paint (pics)

Chapter 15
- Driveway pics, window tint, taillight tint (pics)

Chapter 16
- Brother Wayne's 1st drive
- 7 day countdown, Dads is setup for delivery
- New 'blackaero' smilie for Angela
- Door panels, strap vs no strap (pics)
- Day before delivery!

Chapter 17
- Final to-do list, final polish (pics)
- Wheels caps, engine (pics)
- Angela gets painted again

Chapter 18
- Dad gets a BIG SURPRISE (pics)
- Dad goes for a cruise (pics)
- Poker run (pics, pics, pics)

Chapter 19
- Congrats from all

Chapter 20
- Newspaper article (link)
- Dads first car show (pics)
- Banner for Dad's car
- Cruising by (video) 06/22/2009


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"A promise you can't take back" ... Shenandoah ... 'I Wanna Be Loved Like That'

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Date: Sep 1, 2009
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Most awesomest thread eva!!! A Must read for any Monte or caqr fan in general fer sure!



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Date: Sep 1, 2009
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x2! That is so cool!


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Date: Sep 2, 2009
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that was the best post

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Date: Sep 5, 2009
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That post was great to follow along with. One of the best posts ever!!! Very touching.


Jay - 86 Monte LS

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Date: Sep 6, 2009
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VERY touching indeed!................Some families still show da Love!

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Date: Oct 24, 2009
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Yep, Dave, SOME families still show the love..........

(in case you haven't read the thread since I first posted this)

Two years from the date Angela started the "epic" thread (September 19, 2007), Jerry's Monte Carlo returned to the dealership where Jerry bought it new for a car show (September 19, 2009) ... and won BEST 1980s car! Angela thought Jerry was "going to hop in the air and click his heels together" [a Ron Santo impersonation, perhaps?] when he got up to get his award!

From Angela
Really wanted to thank everyone on this site and other sites who've looked in on this site to see Dad's SS get built, then delivered. We may have made a beautiful car for him, but you guys have given him something less tangible, but perhaps even more amazing. You kindness, your enthusiasm, your good humor have helped renew his joy in life...

Cort | 36swm.IL | "Mr Monte Carlo"."Mr Road Trip" | pig valve.pacemaker
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"Don't let your life pass you by" ... Sarah McLachlan ... 'I Will Remember You'

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Date: Oct 25, 2009
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Fixed Link...


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Date: Oct 26, 2009
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She is awesome, I wish I could meet both her and her Father one day....never know what the future holds, I'd really like to shake there hands, what a story for sure!!!!



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Date: Nov 24, 2009
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Thanks for fixing the link, Angela.

And, Joe ... I, too, would love to meet both of them in person someday ... and, of course, see the famous MC!

Cort | 36swm.IL | "Mr Monte Carlo"."Mr Road Trip" | pig valve.pacemaker south, Nov 09
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