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Post Info TOPIC: Common problems 6 gen monte carlo's

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Date: Mar 16, 2013
Common problems 6 gen monte carlo's
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I figured I'd post this as a guide to help everyone else with a 5-6 gen monte carlo. There is a few repeat threads I'd like to help eliminate. Also some common problems I've come across with myself.

Feel free to post your problem fixes too. (pictures needed too!)


Problem: Hard start/ rough idle for first 5 seconds of start-up. Hesitation at idle.

Possible cause: Bad IAC(Idle Air Control) Valve/ Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator/Dirty MAF

How to test: Pull the Vacuum line off the fuel pressure regulator, if fuel is present in the line then replace FPR. Test pressure at the fuel pump, then at the rails for any fluctuation. |||| For IAC, take out the IAC valve & clean with light cleaners(MAF sensor cleaner works great) Pull & push the tip of the IAC & clean the shaft. Spray with WD-40 or other lubricants & push back in. Re-install with a little di-electric grease on gasket(not needed, but prevents air leaks) If problem goes away for a week or two(or see improvement in problem), your IAC is bad. |||| MAF problems, clean with MAF cleaner first. If MAF is truly bad, CEL will come on, severe lack of power & car may stall out at times. (temporary if MAF is bad) Unplug MAF sensor to see if idle evens out. Do not drive like this, it wastes ALOT of gas.


Majority of the time the IAC is bad. Just changed mine out & what a difference! Clean the MAF at the same time (just to be sure) and inspect air filter to make sure its not clogged. For safety, remove negative battery terminal to prevent shorting out the sensors.

Diagram of Throttle Body & location of Fuel pressure regulator (Supercharged 3.8 shown)




Problem: Security Light illuminated on dash board/ No crank start

Possible cause: PASSLOCK system has malfunctioned. 

How to test: Some shop code readers can read the security light code, but once that light flashes its probably the passlock system.

How to fix: Replace keys & ignition cylinder. Needs to be re-programmed with a GM scanner OR! bypass it (click spoiler for how-to)


If you are ever stuck with the no-crank start, try wiggling the key in the 'start' position a few times until the car finally kicks over. It usually gets me going. Also, use the fob to lock & unlock the doors sometimes helps too.


Problem: musty/moldy smell in A/C / Heating system

Possible cause: dirty cabin filter

How to fix: located on passenger side, right under the plastic cowl under wiper. With hood up, remove the weatherstripping & pop rivets under wipers (helps if wipers are in the up position) remove the cover. Remove any dirt & leaves in area & take out cabin filter. Replace with a new one(most auto parts stores carry them) Re-assemble the same way you took it apart.

Diagram on how to remove cabin filter



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